Treats & Chews

Chews and Treats Deliver Enrichment for the Dog

While offering your dog a treat, there is a reason a dog drools: consuming chews and treats is an enjoyable pastime. Chews offer physical and mental stimulation that various dogs want to be pleased, whereas treats are used to acknowledge the job. Different dogs love any chew or treat they are given, but we can find items you can provide to the canine confidently.
While choosing chews and treats, the overall constituent panel and protein type are essential for dogs having food sensitivity. If the dog east chews or treats regularly, calories count. Ensuring all chews and treats’ calories do not exceed 10% of the dog’s food prevents nutritional imbalances and overeating

Most Dogs Want Variety

Moving between various treats add a variety to the dog’s food; however, it is not essential to purchase treats that the dog does not like. Collar and Leash Palisades sample all the treats we have; therefore, you can check what types of treats make the dog salivate. Plus, our ‘Weekly Treat Program’ permits us to offer a sample of various treats every seven days to our store clients.

Categories of Treats

Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Treats: Many treats are made up of 100% meat, whereas
others prefer a combination of dry meats and vegetables.
Biscuits: The crunchy treats come in all shapes, flavors, and sizes to delight your dog. Soft Treats: The old dogs may love these easy-to-chew things having intense aromas.
Jerky: Usually made up of dehydrated meat strips, this treat is vastly satisfying for the dog
who loves to chew.
Training Treats: Meal-focused dogs usually respond to the small morsel as a reward for

Different Ways by Which the Dogs Chew Treat


These dogs love to lick different chews. For the gummers, some ears, skins, and taffies provide them with the taste they love without changing the style.


These dogs chew as fast as they can unless the chew is entirely eaten. Usually, these chewers relish horns, hooves, and antlers.


These dogs want to eat a chew over several days. The dried protein chews offer them the appropriate amount of palatability and challenge.


Gradually, these dogs will wear down the chew by beginning at an end and working to the other. Some bonus, rawhide, and bully sticks offer chewing problem while being enjoyable to eat.


The gulpers love to consume chews in one swallow. The larger bones help them fight this urge safely. Choosing chews is more complicated than choosing other treats; thus, Collar and Leash Palisades made a tool that matches the dog’s chewing method with a safe chew. When you are aware of your dog’s chewing style, size the portion to fit your dog’s size. When you are ready to offer the chew to the dog, be around them when they chew. This way, you can see their approval, and intervene when chew gets very small.

How We Pick Chews and Treats for Dogs?

Choosing chews and treats is about the quality of ingredients and general palatability. Guaranteeing that the quality ingredients is not about reading the labels; it is about affiliating with businesses we trust can source their items from trustworthy places. Besides, we do not prefer the use of artificial colors. At Collar and Leash Palisades, we try to check a diversity of chews and treats aligning with different food sensitivities and canine diets. Although dogs usually love rich, smelly chews and treats, we identify that these kinds of consumables do not work best for every home. The low-calorie chews and treats are best for those dogs having trouble gaining a good weight. They make the best training treats. The chews with the least pungent smells make it easy for the human beings in the home to relish chew-time.

Safety is a Noteworthy Concern for Chews

We do not have chews that are known for causing or splintering gastrointestinal upset; however, all the chews carry some hazard. The chews with multiple sizes, proteins, and firmness help lessen the dog’s probability of chipping the tooth, disturbing their stomach or swallowing the chew When any stuff comes into our store, Collar and Leash Palisades keeps evaluating it. We attend to client feedback and stories to ensure that the things we sale meet our outlooks. Collar and Leash Palisades works to ensure that chews or treats meet our valuable standards.