How To Choose A Cat Litter ?

Find a Litter Your Cat Will Love

Do you know what makes your litter box a place your house cat will like? It is a complex process for numerous cats and their owners to find the litter that meets every person’s preference of odor control, tracking, litter base, and texture. It seems daunting to add the additional concerns about value, a wish to find a renewable litter, or the need to keep the cat interested in the search for the right cat litter.

We know that all cats do not have the same preferences, so Collar and Leash Pets stocks litter made from different renewable resources like paper, husk, walnut, corn, wheat, wood, and grass.

After bringing the litter home, your cat will put it to the real test. Some cats do not like to alter their preferences; yet, many cats are willing to try various litter types with some inducement. If you plan for a slow change, it will increase the chance of acceptance. But not all changes will work with every cat. Like food preferences, some cats may develop the fondness for a specific litter type they sustain for their whole lives. Other cats do not like specific scents, litter bases, or littler textures. We have noticed that people tend to love scented litter, while numerous cats do not.

Choose a Litter Box Your Cat Will Love

The shape and size of the litter box also affects the cat’s inclination to use the litter. Numerous cats accept both closed and open boxes; nevertheless, some cats have a bias for just one type, so be patient. Large litter boxes are universally popular and encourage the most resistant cats to use the box. Don’t forget, if you have one cat you should have at least two litter boxes! You should add a new litter box for each additional cat in your home; thus, there should be a box for each cat in the house, plus the extra one.

The big litter boxes are universally favored and can encourage even the most resistant cats to use the box.

Types of Cat Supplies and Litter

Fine Litter Granules: Small particle sizes increase the litters’ clumping action. This litter is made up of various types of substrates. Dust and higher-than-average tracking can be a problem for some fine litter, however they tend to scoop quite easily.
Litter Pellets: The pellets offer a firm footing for larger cats and cats with joint pain. This type of litter is a great choice for longhaired cats and cats that have had surgery. Additionally, litter pellers track less and discharges less dust.

Coarse Litter Granules: The large particles significantly reduce tracking and dust, but this litter often does not clump firmly.

Litter Boxes: Boxes that are covered or have high sides are best for the cats that stand to pee, but check carefully before choosing either an open or covered box. Some cats may be fine with either style while others will refuse to use one that is not to their liking.
Scoops and Mats: Paying attention to pair the scoop holes with the litter size can make litter box cleaning simpler. Mats also help keep the litter area cleaner and reduce tracking.

How Collar and Leash Pets choose our Cats’ Litters?

Our store and website offers a wide range of litter solutions to meet the distinct needs of every cat and their whole household. Since Collar and Leash Pets works with innovative cat litter companies that approach common issues with novel solutions, we are able to stock varous litters with numerous features. Additionally we look for litter manufacurers who are committed to offering customers sustainable choices.

Although we cheer the cat owners who are committed to using a litter made from renewable resources, we recognize that clay litter works for a large percentage of households. Thus, we search for clay litters mined in the U.S. to cut the carbon footprint and still offer value to our consumers.

With the health of all cats in mind, we ensure that if a litter is scented, it is from natural ingredients such as lavender, green tea, or essential oils. Since some cats can even be sensitive to essential oils, we validate that the amount used in the litter will not irritate them. If you are concerned about specific allergies, look for some litters at Collar and Leash Pets that use natural enzymes and minerals to give odor control without chemicals.