How To Choose Cat Toys?

Finding Your Feline’s Cat Toy Preference

Did you ever notice that some cats will reject a new toy, opting to play with string instead? The Collar and Leash Pets toy category team (our employees) knows that cats love toys that imitate the kinds of prey they like to hunt. So we divided our toys into five prey categories: squirrels, snakes, mice, bugs, and birds to help decode the preferences of the most mysterious feline.

Observe your cat at play to determine the prey preference. You can get valuable insights into what delights your cat by noticing which toys intrigue them. Some feathered toys can tempt cats with a predilection for birds; however, cats who love to hunt squirrels might ignore them. An infatuation with buttons can point to a love of bug-like toys. If your cat loves to horde yarn, then wand toys mimicking snakes can spark their interest

Finding the Toy Your Cat Will Like

With numerous toys in every prey category, you may need to consider other aspects while shopping for your favorite feline. The first thing to consider is the toy size. Choose a toy larger in size than a ping-pong ball to lessen the chance your cat could swallow it. Yet, some big toys may not tickle the fancy of cats who are mousers, and love to carry toys in their mouths. Second, evaluate the material(s) the toy is made of; as ones’ preference for scents and fabrics can differ. Many cats like to play with wool toys, while others would rather have a toy made of real leather or fur. For every cat that loves catnip, there are cats who are more partial to silvervine, valerian, or honeysuckle toys.

Every Cat Loves to Play

Oftentimes cat owners mistakenly believe their cats are not interested in playing. We have noticed that with the right timing and toys, almost all cats enjoy playing. An essential part of being a cat is hunting or playing. Cats impulsively need to pursue before meals, so some interactive play before eating appeals to various felines. A great way to promote the feline-human bond is having regular playtime.

It may take some time to decode your cat’s particular play preferences with 100% accuracy, and there are various aspects to consider. But after identifying the characteristics your cat prioritizes, you can choose toys that appeal to your cat.

What is the Prey Preference for Your Cat?

  • Squirrel
  • Snake
  • Mouse
  • Bug
  • Bird

Whenever you bring any toy home, take some time to supervise your cat during playtime. You can see if your cat is entertained by the toy and if it can withstand how the cat plays with it. While it is quite rare, some cats take pleasure in breaking toys and swallowing the pieces.

How We Select Cat Toys?

With a numerous variety of cat toys manufactured every year, selecting a diverse range is an extensive process. We start by looking for innovative toys with unique shapes and materials. The toys Collar and Leash Pets sells are totally non-toxic, and if a real fur is used, it is from the food supply. Our buying team always seaches for toys with different sounds and herbs to captivate all types of individual cats.

We test most of the toys we supply and are able to receive beneficial feedback about an item’s true allure and durability. The four-pawed testers help us determine if a toy is too dull, loud, or heavy. We also consider customer requests and staff feedback to learn which toys cats really like.

Before entering a partnership with any toymaker, we work to gain an awarenes of the company first. Collar and Leash Pets prizes local businesses that can offer uncommon toys for our clients. We strive to partner with toymakers who make ethical and sustainable business decisions, and we look for companies that offer reasonable prices that can delight cat owners.