The Instinct of the Cat is to Hunt and Then Eat

Your bond with your cat should be as simple as playing with them and offering them a treat as a reward. Reinforcing the cat’s instinctive need to hunt and eat inspires cats to go into a natural rhythm, making them feel satisfied. As the majority of cats are food motivated, training is easy with treats. Numerous cats can also learn how to play with puzzle toys for the treats.

Cat owners who are not aware of their cat’s distinct treat preferences must look for clues at mealtime. Cats that like a lamb kibble may desire a crispy lamb treat, while cats that prefer only soft meals may enjoy soft treats. If your cat is choosy, try a dehydrated or freeze-dried 100% meat treat. Treats having a pungent smell are usually effective at tempting cats.

An interest in chewing can also affect the treats your cat accepts. Countless cats love bite-sized morsels as their teeth are not made for grinding, just for tearing. However, specific cats may be fond of a treat requiring more bites. Others love chewing and may desire to nibble on chicken feet, turkey tendons, and other treats.

Live plants are the best low-calorie treat that you may not realize offers many benefits to cats. Quite a few cats like the opportunity to snack on some greenery, and offering grass or catnip can lower nibbling on the house plants. Furnishing cats with live plants also helps them get a fill of chlorophyll without exposure to fertilizers or pesticides.

The cats with more food preferences may not like the first treat you give them. Don’t be discouraged; just try another option. Trust us, your cat will let you know what they like.

Types of Treats Your Cat Will Like

Soft Treats: Cats, primarily older cats, love soft treats that are extremely easy to chew. Usually these treats have pungent smells, which can attract those difficult-to-please cats.

Crunchy Treats: The cat that loves kibble may savor crunchy treats because the mouth-feel is the same.

Catnip and Cat Grass: Though it is mostly renowned as cat grass, these tender shoots sprout from various cereal grains, like wheat, barley, and oats. Live catnip can delight numerous felines.

Dehydrated or Freeze-Dried Treats: These treats are often made up of 100% meat; thus, they are a great source of high-quality protein for cats.

How We Choose Our Cat Treats?

As some cats are choosy, we prefer to diversify treats to please their numerous common preferences. Collar and Leash Pets searches for manufacturing partners that make treats with high-quality constituents. But we are also highly interested in innovation. Different sizes, proteins, and mouth-feels intrigue various cats. Therefore, we search for an assortment of treats to meet those needs.

All of our treats meet standards of ingredient sourcing and value, and they are generally free from artificial colors. We also ensure that we partner with companies that we believe use the highest-quality ingredients for cats.