How We Choose Supplies for Our Cats?

At Collar and Leash Pets, we look for a plethora of supplies offering solutions to delight the cats or treat some common challenges. All owners have specific preferences about what makes an item easy to use for their cat. So, we try to find various products that appeal to different cats and their owners. For every cat that loves a rimmed bowl, there is a cat that likes a flat plate for food. This is why we motivate you to try a variety of cat supplies and return whatever your cat does not prefer.

Biologically, cats are sensitive to specific smells and chemicals. Therefore, we work to find safe solutions for your cat’s situation. Each ingredient should meet specific efficacy and health standards, supplies should be lead-free, and plastics should be BPA-free. We provide our consumers with products from local businesses when we can. Collar and Leash Pets also consistently offers pet supplies in a variety of different price ranges, so finding a product that’s a great value is always easy.