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Deciding the Best Food for Your Dog to Thrive

Choosing your dog’s food can be a crucial decision you make for your dog’s overall wellbeing. All the AAFCO-approved meals constitute enough nutrients required for the dog’s overall health; however, there are other things to consider besides what the dog needs to
live. The AAFCO guidelines do not cover moisture, high-quality proteins, and several additional bonuses, and this guide helps the dog thrive while preventing them from several health problems.

The other way to improve the overall nutrition of your dog is by practicing rotational feeding. For healthy dogs, altering the protein source, they consume daily can help them avoid getting food sensitivity. Practically, rotational feeding is relatively easy as substituting between a beef-based kibble and a chicken-based kibble from the same company. At Collar and Leash Palisades, we are confident of combining different food types to create other dogs’ meals. Swapping a minimum of 10% kibble with the raw diet is an excellent way to benefit raw if you cannot get all the all-raw food. Adding a topper of any food type to kibble offers the dog access to least-processed protein, whereas the price point is low. It is also an excellent way to add variety that the dogs enjoy.

Finding the Best Food for Your Cat

Cats know what they love to eat, and most do not agree to diverge from what they like without coaxing. Many individuals consider that is because cats are demanding; however, their exclusivity is among the evolutionary aspects that stop them from consuming toxic food. In simple words, your cat only consumed specific foods as a kitten, and nowadays, understands that only specific foods are secure to eat.

That’s why the food type, mouth-feel, and protein type is essential to adult cats. For making mealtimes easier, think about decoding your cat’s preferences for chosen proteins, ideal types of foods, and if the cat prefers a wet food, mouth-feel. When you know about your cat’s preferences, you can select the food they love consistently.

If you want to broaden the cat’s palate or change their food to meet certain health or nutritional goals, you can slow the transition work for various cats. You should realize that moisture intake is significant to your cat’s long-term health. At Collar and Leash Palisades we suggest including some moisture-rich foods into your cat’s diet. Some cats may need to shift between the food types or evade specific proteins for health issues.

Earn Credits Towards Your Pet's Needs with Collar & Leash Loyalty Program

At Collar & Leash, we understand the importance of giving back to our loyal customers. That’s why we’re proud to offer a Cash Back Rewards program that allows you to earn credits for every purchase you make with us. Whether you’re stocking up on your pet’s favorite food or treating them to a new toy, every purchase adds up to more rewards for you.