Finding the Best Food for Your Cat

Cats know what they love to eat, and most do not agree to diverge from what they like without coaxing. Many individuals consider that is because cats are demanding; however, their exclusivity is among the evolutionary aspects that stop them from consuming toxic food. In simple words, your cat only consumed specific foods as a kitten, and nowadays, understands that only specific foods are secure to eat.

That’s why the food type, mouth-feel, and protein type is essential to adult cats. For making mealtimes easier, think about decoding your cat’s preferences for chosen proteins, ideal types of foods, and if the cat prefers a wet food, mouth-feel. When you know about your cat’s preferences, you can select the food they love consistently.

If you want to broaden the cat’s palate or change their food to meet certain health or nutritional goals, you can slow the transition work for various cats. You should realize that moisture intake is significant to your cat’s long-term health. At Collar and Leash Palisades we suggest including some moisture-rich foods into your cat’s diet. Some cats may need to shift between the food types or evade specific proteins for health issues.

Difference Between Cat Food Types

Wet Food: Numerous cats love wet food because it is well cooked and has a more fragrant aroma than other food types. While deciding on your cat’s food, be mindful of texture as well as protein. Your cat may snub the chicken pate but like a can of chicken cuts of the same flavor. When you come to know your cat’s protein and texture preferences, check out our custom stickers to see what foods will best suit your cat’s tastes.

Kibble: Many cats like the crunchy bits of a kibble, and owners like that it is effortless to  stock and makes considerably less packaging waste than other foods. Kibble is the backbone of the nutritionally adequate feline diet; however, we suggest combining it with the moisture-rich additive or food, like bone broth, to stop chronic dehydration.

Frozen Raw: Usually made up of ground raw meat, frozen raw food consist of intercellular moisture that is tremendously beneficial for cats. Moreover, it is among the highest protein foods you can purchase, which is attractive to the small obligate carnivores. For individuals who value feeding their cats the least-processed food that mimics what they can consume in the wild, the frozen raw food is ideal.

Gently Cooked: Gently cooked food is heated to a lower temperature than wet food or kibble, which helps to ensure nutrient retention. The heat acts to kill hazardous microorganisms and provides the food with the cooked taste that nearly all cats love.

Air-Dried and Dehydrated Food: Foods in this category are heated lightly to eliminate extra water, yet are processed less than wet food and kibble. When preparing this type food just add warm water, wait for the rehydration of the food, and give it an instant stir before offering it to your cat.

Freeze-Dried Raw Food: This food is considerably easier to stock than frozen raw food; however, it offers just as many nutritional benefits. As this food does not have any intercellular moisture, you must rehydrate the food with bone broth or water before giving it to your cat.

How Does Collar and Leash Palisades Select Cat Food?

With numerous manufacturers of cat food to choose from, our decision to select a specific manufacturer and their products involves an intricate plan. Before agreeing to bring food products into our store, we ask our food partners to train every one of our staff members so we can gain insight into of the benefit of their food. As trusted pet professionals, we want to understand how every formulated food specifically leads to feline health. In addition, we want to ensure that high-quality control, best production oversite, and pet food experience are the foundations of their business.

Our concerns go far beyond the food in the bag, pouch, or can. We become partners with well-reputed companies acting with integrity. So we believe in making an informed decision while addressing different concerns, including ingredient sourcing and pricing. We want to provide food that provides real value to our clients. Here at Collar and Leash Palisades, we are looking for foods that offer solutions to the typical feline feeding issues such as mouth-feel, palatability, and a variety of protein sources.

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